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    Beruhigend. Abgesichert. Machbar.


The COMET panel of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), which met in Vienna on 8/9 April 2014, unanimously recommended supporting the K-Project “AEDA – Advanced Engineering Design Automation”, for which V-Research submitted an application as consortium leader. Furthermore, V-Research participates as a scientific partner in the COMET project “HOPL – Heuristic Optimization in Production and Logistics”, for which an application has been submitted. This project also received a positive support recommendation from the jury.

In total, applications were submitted for 21 projects, of which support was recommended for 11.

Brief portrait of AEDA, “Advanced Engineering Design Automation”

AEDA achieves a significant reduction in the time required for development and design and in production costs, at the same time as supporting the sales process for machines and systems: 

  • Automation of recurring design tasks
  • Automation of system planning and engineering
  • Automatic determination and illustration of systems' dynamic performance data
  • Automatic creation of manufacturing and assembly documents
  • Product visualisation and automated calculation of product costs

The project has a duration of four years, with a total volume of around 5.5 million euros.

Scientific partners: 

  • Institute of Knowledge-Based Mathematical Systems, JKU Linz
  • Engineering Design and Computing Laboratory, ETH Zürich
  • Fraunhofer Austria Visual Computing, Graz
  • Process- and Product-Engineering Research Centre, FH Vorarlberg
  • Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory, FH Oberösterreich
  • Institute for Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering, TU Wien 

Corporate partners: 

  • Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH, Wolfurt
  • Hans Künz GmbH, Hard
  • Längle Glas GmbH, Götzis
  • Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH
  • Lingenhöle Technologie GmbH, Feldkirch
  • LTW Intralogistics GmbH, Wolfurt
  • Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH, Schwarzach
  • Techsoft Datenverarbeitung GmbH, Linz

In addition to reducing production and development costs, V-Research's scientific analyses, carried out in cooperation with leading Vorarlberg industrial companies, show that the automation of design and development processes can realise great advantages at the customer-relationship level: 

  • Firstly, thanks to the significantly reduced engineering costs, customers are presented with several alternatives. The customer is therefore better incorporated into the marketing and sales process. The greater customer interaction means better account can be taken of customer requests. In addition, greater trust is established.
  • Secondly, tenders are prepared significantly faster and to a higher quality. And, thirdly, the illustration of the dynamic system behaviour and the efficient visualisation of the products and systems bring great advantages in the sales process.

With the planned project, V-Research is pursuing the aim of establishing a leading international R&D group in the field of design-process automation at its location in Dornbirn. Together with the already well-established tribology working group, it therefore intends to make a contribution to strengthening its industry partners in the mechanical and plant engineering sector and to work towards securing the production and development locations in Vorarlberg.