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  • Partner für den Forschritt

    Partner für den Forschritt


The partnership with industry and the central support from the Land Vorarlberg, as well as institutions such as the Economic Chamber of Vorarlberg, WISTO and the Industriellenvereinigung Vorarlberg [Industrial Association of Vorarlberg] are decisive factors for V-Research's research and development work, which is closely related to commercial activities. 

Research in association

V-Research is a member of Austrian Cooperative Research (ACR).

The ACR institutes are a network of research institutions and technology consultants concerned with accompanying small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the innovation process. With this, V-Research also contributes to the competitiveness of the SMEs. 

FlexSim 3D simulation software

FlexSim is a powerful tool for the modelling, analysis, visualisation and optimisation of any imaginable process – from manufacturing to the supply chain, from abstract examples to realistic systems and anything in between.

V-Research works together with FlexSim to develop emulation solutions.