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V-Research stands for industry-oriented research and development in the business areas of design automation and tribodesign. The “Verein zur Förderung der industriellen Forschung” [Association for the Promotion of Industrial Research] holds 51 per cent of the limited-liability company (GmbH) shares in V-Research. This association comprises 16 companies and two institutions. 49 per cent of V-Research GmbH are owned by the Land Vorarlberg [Province of Vorarlberg], represented by Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. Founded in 2004. 

  • Design automation encompasses the automation of design and development processes.
  • Tribology is concerned with researching the entire field of friction and wear, including lubrication. Tribodesign refers to the optimisation of systems subject to tribological loads. 

tribological model testing

stereoscopic microscope



component test rig





Dr. Vaheh Khachatouri