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System planning and commissioning


Investment decisions determine the success of entrepreneurial activities. In the production-systems business, the customer seeks the greatest possible certainty of realisation prior to signing a contract. Suppliers that can fall back on substantiated data and facts have an easier job of convincing potential customers. Thanks to collaboration with V-Research, the sales department holds a trump card: it scores points for having dynamic key performance indicators to hand for the production system on offer, precisely calculated for the customer's application, and can use the visualisation of the production process to help convince the customer.

With V-Research's software solution, the sales department can provide a precise description of machines' and systems' performance even at the tendering stage. Preparation in graphical form allows realistic prediction of processing times, quantity definitions and many other parameters. Using a convenient graphical interface, sales engineers can compile the production system from predefined components according to the customer's request – even without knowledge of simulation. In a fully automatic process that takes practically no time, the software uses these user inputs to generate the simulation model, calculate the system's performance data according to the master computer's commands, and present the results in graphical and tabular form. The software has an interface to the master production computer and can be used to test the master computer's control software and carry out virtual commissioning.

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