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  • Mehr Qualität. Weniger Verschleiß.

    Mehr Qualität. Weniger Verschleiß.

Tribological optimisation


By taking account of the tribological mechanisms of action and interrelationships, development engineers can achieve a multitude of increases in product value. The strength of V-Research lies in the structured approach to identifying the significant system parameters that lead to achievement of the desired tribosystem characteristics.

To allow quick and effective identification of the wear and friction behaviour of material pairs, V-Research attaches great importance to the most precise modelling possible of the real tribosystem. The model forms the basis for experiments with tribometers, from which the experts at V-Research can derive new insights into the sought-after mechanisms of action. Consideration of economic aspects in connection with tribosystem design is another factor for success. V-Research accompanies the customer right through to implementation of the solutions into series production.

Only experienced and highly qualified tribologists work at V-Research's laboratory. This makes the difference in terms of quality and performance. Tribo Design relies on correct interaction between modern technology and human practical knowledge. V-Research combines modern laboratory analysis with a wide spectrum of experience in materials, surface and lubricant engineering. The advantages for the client are as follows: 

  • Expanded functionality
  • Longer machine availability
  • Longer service life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer inspection and maintenance intervals
  • Lower energy and raw-material costs
  • Lower life-cycle costs

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