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Competitive advantages in the sale of panel-saw systems through computer-aided planning

Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH

When planning panel-saw systems with ever more complex cutting patterns, the determination of production capacity is fraught with uncertainty. Determination of the system's performance using structural formulas is not sufficiently substantiated. Against this background, the demand for more-flexible and higher-performance project-planning systems means that the use of model-based planning methods is indispensable. V-Research developed a software tool for Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH that is used to perform simulations and determine parameters for system variants. Precise project design and planning allow optimum fulfilment of the requirements and production throughputs specified by the system operator.

The simulation tool provides the following benefits for Schelling Anlagenbau: 

  • Decisive competitive advantage in terms of sales thanks to exact calculation of the system's dynamic performance indicators
  • Increased trust thanks to comprehensible presentation of the system's dynamics by way of its 3D visualisation
  • Design of optimum system-control strategies for analysis of utilisation and bottlenecks
  • Interface analyses of upstream and downstream production processes ensure the best possible integration of the systems into the overall production process
  • Optimisation of the system costs while simultaneously meeting the system specification through optimum coordination of the system components' performance

Shorter development times and lower commissioning costs through test-based design of controllers for panel-saw systems

Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH

Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH uses a software system developed by V-Research in the development of controllers for panel-saw systems. The new software not only delivers a considerable reduction in the time required for commissioning, but also improves the productivity of the system of equipment.

Feedback of the material flow presents a great challenge for controlling production systems. Material feedback can cause irresolvable blockages and system outages. To ensure that the system operates without blockages while maintaining high utilisation of the saws, decision rules are integrated into the software that has overall control of the panel-saw system. These rules cannot be tested on a real system, which is why Schelling uses a software system developed by V-Research as a virtual test environment. Emulating the panel-saw system allows assessment of the implemented decision rules.

The software system for emulating the panel-saw systems provides Schelling with the following advantages: 

  • With regard to system control, it would not have been possible to implement the concept of recirculation of parts in the material flow without using the emulation as a test environment.
  • The system control can already be tested, evaluated and adjusted before the system is built.
  • Reduction in commissioning times and costs.
  • Productivity increase in the system of equipment.